Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Year in Review

Looking back at 2018 fills me with loads of contentment. When I was kid, I'd hear things like "just wait to you're older" and not in the good context either, more like, when you reach this mythical age of adulthood you will be swamped by the stresses of the world, with money problems and things that you'd never even imagine as a kid. Now I'm 34 and each year just keeps getting better and better.  I have more control over my time, I have more vision to my direction and I just feel super happy and grateful to be alive! I'm so stoked for 2019.  I was super eager to put away our Christmas stuff on boxing day not because I wanted Christmas to be gone just because I'm ready for the next chapter!

handmade pink wooden shoe

In 2018, I continued with my bought/gift/made series!

rose garden mosaic tile paver

Carmen and Ben's mum came to stay with us at the start of the year and she taught us mosaics!

logo for flower blog series

I successfully completed my year of blooms project (still have December to post!) It was such a great project to do, I feel like I learnt so much about gardening and flowers and just got deep on the nature appreciation tangent, which is exactly where I want my life headed!

pink clay poodle

Although clay died down when we got to our new place, the first half of the year was strong!

pink artificial flowers in cemetery

Ben and I celebrated out 8th year anniversary and took a trip down to Brisbane

ceramic angel necklace

I had a go at kick starter!

Patricia Piccinini sculptures
We visited Goma and saw the Patricia Piccinini exhibition

yellow spotted pumpkins yayoi kusama
Yayoi Kusama!

collecting rose petals

I got into paper making and hoarding petals to include with my paper.

growing zucchini in a veggie garden

I continued learning about gardening, set up a garden at our old place and a new one at our current home

hand made wooden stool with sunflower

Focused on making my wooden stands and establishing my side project Spirit You.  
To be honest about 70% of my free time went to this and I have zero regrets!

cane weaved basket

Lowy taught me how to weave a basket out of cane

film photography mountain scape

I didn't take as much film as I'd like but I did throw myself into a more active lifestyle, continuing it over from 2017. Lots of mountain climbs and bush walks and swims and I tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time and loved it!

mosaics and art in nimbin

For my birthday I visited Nimbin and tried glamping for the first time

rainbow polka dot ceramic clay bowl

I also gave the pottery a wheel ago and stuck with it until I was able to produce something half decent

giant rose quartz

I also visited Crystal Castle on my birthday which was an utterly magical experience

black and white cat

I'm not sure if I ever shared on here but Gremlin's health took a really bad turn this year.  After moving he developed feline urinary disorder which we narrowed down to the stress of moving into a new environment and change.  There was a stage where we had to race him to an emergency vet and lucky Ben had the funds to go ahead with whatever was needed to save him.  He now has to be on a special diet for the rest of his life and we just have to keep a super close eye on him.  

cat hiding her eyes

I love our cats so much, the thought of them not being around breaks my heart!!

seaglass knolling collection

I made some beach trips this year and added to my collection

vegan eyeliner

I also devoted hours to watching youtube makeup tutorials so I could learn cat eye! Not an expert but I'm a lot better than I used to be! I also started growing out my bleached hair to let it recover and in the process noticed lots of tiny greys :P

woombye house

We said goodbye to our house in the country and moved into suburbia

gold etsy earrings minimalist

I finally was able to wear earrings again after having sensitive ears for so long

nambour house
Totally in love with my new room and the ability to decorate it!

vintage red brooch

Although I didn't get to go as much as I'd liked I still made solid efforts to go thrifting when I could!

chalk painted pink wardrobe

I bought my first large piece of furniture and got into chalk painting!

pink orchid

We visited an orchid show and I fell further in love with orchids this year

bonsai and bougainvillea
We visited Ben's mum out in biggenden and his brother down in Port Macquarie earlier in the year

wooden vulvas
And I finished the year off creatively by making Spirit Yonis!

Every year I fill out a little questionnaire of my year (just for myself) which I save in a folder.  One of the questions is, "what date remains etched in your memory?" and for me it's Nov. 14th.  I don't think I talked about this on my blog but I finally found out I have endometriosis.  I might do a big blog entry on it at some stage its just progressed at such a slow pace with many moving parts that its never felt complete to share. Nov 14th stands out in particular because it was my first time to have surgery and general anesthetic.  Looking back it was a really amazing time in my life, it made me slow down and refocus and I'm really grateful for it and all the amazing free health care I received and continue to receive and Ben being around.  I now have loads more clarity on my health an amazing feeling when previously I'd felt in the dark. 

I'm 100% positive for 2019, apparently (according to Elizabeth Peru) it's going to fast paced creative year and one where you'll need to avoid the negative chatter around - I can do that, I think!

I wish each and everyone of you an amazing year ahead!!!


  1. Wow what a year! Im sorry to hear about your endometriosis diagnosis - my best friend is currently healing from her surgery as well and it's a tough thing, but also CAN be really positive! She's been exploring her creative pursuits, and sounds like on a similar path with it as you are!

    Here's to a POSITIVE and love filled 2019!

    1. Yes! It's been a great time to step back and appreciate that the health I have is actually pretty amazing, my sympathy for those who are battling constant pain! Creativity fills this lovely space in my life and I'm really grateful for it as well :) :)


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