Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thrifty Sunday /14

Time to show you some of my recent op shopping finds :)
Two Expo 88 (Oz the platypus) fridge magnets, I rambled on about expo 88 in this old blog post, if you're keen to know more :)

Have you ever started a collection and then had the realisation that space might be a factor for this collection to continue? That's how I've been feeling about Pyrex (which I see quite a lot of it whilst thrifting) so I've been way selective and also wondering if I should just stop now - eep?!

This knitting book is half super amazing and half wildly inappropriate 

White male in aboriginal themed sweater = what were they thinking???

The photography is amazing though, the country setting with all the models looking crazy sad! How great is that cardie with the Fosters design (type of aussie beer) on the far right!

I would love love to be able to knit these patterns, Vegemite and Ned Kelly and a koala cosey! Every thrift mission I browse the jumper rack in case I found an amazing home made knitted jumper #dreamfind

The parakeet and kanga are so good!!

I also picked up a bunch of yen mags for a dollar, I've got a big stash of Yen and Frankie now that I need to read ASAP!

These snowflake Pyrex dishes, were cute and small = win win!

A little plastic moth brooch I purchased in Biggenden for 2 dollars :) Moths have a special place in my heart and it's rare to see them in jewellery form!

Another name mug for my collection (also super hard to find!) and a divided casserole dish which I've been taking to BBQs recently and its been the perfect size

and lucky last, a swan holder probably for toothbrushes but I'm using it for pens on my desk :)

Such a rebel :P


  1. those snowflake pyrex dishes are definitely a win!!!

    1. They are super cute! I definitely use all my pyrex dishes but those little ones, I don't know what to use them for! lol They do look so pretty on the shelf though :) :)

  2. oh my gosh fee that australian jumper book is so great! I want them all! its been so long since I've had a chance to look at blogs :-( way too consumed by instagram at the moment haha. haven't had much of a chance to go oppying but I do have a teensy pile waiting to be sent your way ;-)

    1. I knew we would share an appreciation of those jumpers!! :) :) I go through op shop phases too, I'm always a bit sad when I'm too busy to go op shopping! I'm the worst snail mailer so I never expect my mail box to have post but a teensy pile sounds fun, I can get on board that :)he he


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