Friday, September 8, 2017

1000f with portra 160 - The Ekka

So tragically no film camera a month for August, my Pentax 6x7 just wouldn't work for me *sad face* On an extra sad note, it seems tragedy is striking again this month - I'm currently up to my 14th failed polaroid - total blanks! I may have to abort and choose another film camera as a back up - ahhh the nature of film! 

Last month, my family invited me to the annual show exhibition, The Ekka, so I bought along my reliable 1000f canon camera loaded with some Portra 160. As per normal, I rated the ISO in camera at 100 and had it processed normally to make it a bit brighter and softer :) 

There were a few photos already on the film too :) Enjoy!

below are quite possibly my favourite photos ever taken

We were in the showbag pavilion and Jake asked if he could wander a few stalls up, next minute he comes back with this trump mask, extremely odd and that's why I love my little bro! Plus he always indulges me when I want to take his photo :)

I had no idea Great Danes could be spotty like Dalmatians!

It was a fun challenge to only use film in a photographic place, I also challenged myself to spend no money (apart from the entry fee and a little present for Ben) so all in all a win win!


  1. Beautiful photos! That Trump photo made me giggle. I like the way you've lightened the photos up a little with the ISO - I got some Portra film in a barter trade recently and I'm sooooo excited to try it out.

    Also those great danes with spots are possibly my favourites of all time.... I love white dogs with black spots, ha!

    1. He made a lot of people at the show giggle too :) I like the ISO trick, I might go back to just normal processing when I get sick of it but for now, it's my jam! Those dogs were awesome, so big and super friendly!! Good luck with your Portra, I think it's a really nice reliable film that I always feel confident using.

  2. the soft light in these are perfect! also the happy colors <3 I've been wanting to get a film camera for so long now but I might need to resort to purchasing online, it's so hard to find one here!


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