Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 6 - Daintree

So we woke up and decided to go explore the Daintree rainforest! We soon found ourselves getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and on a beach, un-swimmable due to stingers but hey the loveliness made up for it!

ben in daintree rainforest

daintree stinger sign


marine stings vinegar

daintree beach
Where the rainforest meets the reef!


elk horn fern


flame tree


fan palm
Even though Mission beach likes to claim the fan palms for themselves I think the daintree takes the prize!

fan palms

fan palms




We then went 'Jungle Surfing' but I'll pop that into another post cause this is getting far too image heavy!

As we were waiting for our tour to start, we noticed a sign pointing to 
"Mason's Swimming Hole"
Yes please! Again another magical place

masons swimming hole ben

no sign at masons swimming hole

masons swimming hole

mason's swimming hole

ben at mason's swimming hole

masons swimming hole

ben at masons swimming hole

love tree intials


So pretty! Unfortunately after jungle surfing we had to say goodbye to the Daintree and head on another epic drive inland to a place called Chillagoe.   As we're driving out of the daintree, what do I spy out of the corner of my eye? A Cassowary!  I could have died,  not just one but a whole family of them. I grabbed my camera and started shooting them as they slowly dawdled across the road right in front of us. I shot about 6 shots before realising my lens cap was on *face palm* They are much like ducks in that respect, I excepted them to scamper across the road but they took their time and seemed oblivious to us even being there

I only ended up with one shot, but still, proof! So cool that in 10 days we saw 5 of the 1000 remaining!

cassowary family
The dad has just gotten into the bush in this pic! Aww babies!
I was seriously on a high all the way to Chillagoe

world heritage visitor centre

I Love Cassowaries!


  1. Aww baby cassowaries!! That's the reason I love ducks so much, they are just face meltingly cute the way the mum and dad herd the little ones around :)
    That's really sweet, glad you got a pic in the end.

    Rainforest looks beautiful - looking forward to seeing what the jungle surfing was like!

  2. It was super cute! and glad to see babies are still being born for an almost extinct animal :)

    Definitely one of my favourite places, so untouched!

  3. WHAAAAAaaaaaaaaat! you got actual PHOTOS of cassowaries!!!! even more jealous now. slightly disappointed though - they don't look as big as the signs suggest they are. i really thought they were giant dinosaur-bird-sized :(

  4. the sign totally lied, not only aren't they as big as a car :P they are way smaller than emus! At least they could of out did their common competition!


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