Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 6 -Jungle Surfing and Chillagoe

jungle surfing fee

jungle surfing ben

Yup all geared up and ready for some jungle surfing action! I was actually really nervous and half not wanting to go but I gulped back the fear and went along with Ben's plan to Jungle Surf. What is jungle surfing, it's five platforms set up amongst the trees, offering a different perspective to the rainforest, you harness up and then travel on wire from one platform to the next all with helpful guides ranging from the nerd guide to the cool English dude guide!

jungle surfing

jungle surfing fee
I'm a wuss and super afraid of heights but it was completely non scary even when they asked up to do this..

jungle surfing ben
Weee, I doubted my ability to twist myself upside down, but definitely do-able!
jungle surfing

junglesurfing fee and ben
Aww! The only photo we have together of the trip I think :P
So that was jungle surfing we hoped in the car, saw the cassowary family, did I mentioned we saw a cassowary family :P lol and headed out of the Daintree

I made sure to snap a pic of the Big Croc Head just before the mossman river crossing and then it was on the way to Chillagoe...the landscape dramatically started changing!

big croc head


to chillagoe

to chillagoe

dinosaur triangle

We instantly liked Chillagoe when we noticed a giant dinosaur as we drove in!
Chillagoe's claim to fame! (well one of them)

Mr Lasmasaur!

The night we checked into our "hotel motel" watched the sun set over the smelters and ate some bad pub food!

sunset over the chillagoe smelters

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