Wednesday, September 26, 2018

West Woombye Home

I'm not sure I have every totally explained our crazy house rental situation but the last three years we were living in the top part of the house and for the last six months we moved in underneath to what we called the "mole hole".  I actually loved living down there, it definitely had no frills but the rent was super cheap and there was a lovely area to do wood working and the view looking outwards was super peaceful! Before we moved I went around with my tripod snapping a few photos for reminiscing sake and I figured they might be interesting to pop up here too! 

So this is the view of the back of the house and the entrance for the underneath section of the house.

home tour

The space underneath didn't really have rooms rather divided spaces that we found a way to make do.  Our bedroom was literally also my office and wardrobe and storage space :P

house tour


house tour

The kitchen although completely hobo town was actually really spacious and a lot of people that came to visit actually liked this space more than when we were living up the top which had a teeny tiny dining/kitchen area and not much space for guests to hang out!

home tour

We only had a small gas cooker and oven but I found everything was enough :)

house tour

Some interesting colour choices :P

home tour



I think you can spy my tripod reflection in the tv!

There was also a space behind where I'm standing that was Ben's space and then the bathroom but both spots got very little light and would have been super uninspiring to photograph!

home tour

I've already shown a few photos of the garden already on the blog but hopefully you get the idea of how the space was set up!

sunshine coast
It was very peaceful to sit out here and watch the sun set and the horses play in the paddock

home tour

It also had this nice area where I could do my wood work and where we had the wheel set up for pottery

wood working

wood working
lots of wood!

wood working
making stools

our little patio that we filled with plants!

west woombye
You can spy my passion fruit vine taking off in the above photo 

I had to leave the vine behind, just as the passion fruit had started to grow, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the new neighbours continue to water it and then reap its bounty!

and the peaceful view looking out to the dam/paddock! 


  1. the vibe of this place is perfect. <3

    1. I was initially a bit concerned we could make it work but I really enjoyed our six months there, we made it our own and it showed me I don't need a whole lot to be happy :)


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